Who can help you?

When faced with consumer problems which you cannot solve directly with the trader you can turn to many institutions for help. For advice on cross-border disputes arising from online transactions, click here. Below you can also find out which national authorities and NGOs deal with consumer issues in different countries and how your interests are protected at regional level.

National consumer authorities

Consumer protection laws vary across different jurisdictions. Not all national government agencies have an obligation or powers to investigate consumer complaints. They focus on law enforcement actions to protect the public interest but do not intervene in individual cases.

Click on a chosen country to be directed to its consumer agency:

Consumer NGOs


Many non-governmental organizations provide consumers with free legal advice on many types of issues - from problems with cars to faulty household appliances. Some of them offer telephone and online helplines. Click here to be directed to Consumers International (a global association of consumer groups), where you may find contact details for NGOs in over 100 countries.