Steering Groups

The Steering Groups are to facilitate achievement in the three core objectives of Intelligence, Best Practices and Enforcement in the ICPEN Strategic Plan 2010-2013. The creation of the three steering groups aims to reflect the three core objectives.

These three steering groups will:

  1. Clarify the goals of the Network;
  2. Assist members in determining whether new proposals fit within ICPEN's objectives;
  3. Provide the individual projects and activities with an added sense of direction and purpose;
  4. Assist the Presidency and Advisory Group by assisting to deliver on the core strategies of ICPEN.

 Intelligence Steering Group

Group lead: Australia and New Zealand - 2010 - current

Function: To share information and intelligence on consumer protection trends and risks.


  • Identify a limited set of priority issues or thematic areas as required to recommend to the membership as a focus for future ICPEN activities and projects.
  • Develop improved mechanisms for communication and capture of information and intelligence on cross border issues and cases internally within the Network including, but no limited to:
    • ICPEN alert system,
    • Reporting of consumer risks/matters on a regular basis, and
    • Reporting of intelligence on major market trends, emerging issues and consumer developments on an annual basis through the national Annual Reports.
  • Enhance the effectiveness of regular Network activities as required, such as effectively capturing and reporting the intelligence from and the Internet Sweep; developing discussion papers to enhance Conference sessions; and utilising monthly teleconferences to share information on consumer trends and risks.


  • Bi-annual Intelligence Report
  • Alerts mechanism

 Best Practices Steering Group

Group lead: Belgium (2010) and Zambia (2015) - current

Function: To share best practice information about key consumer protection laws, enforcement powers and regulatory approaches to consumer protection.


  • Undertake project-based work as required to develop Network best practice material (eg. reports, guidelines, survey results) on key consumer protection enforcement and compliance methodologies, approaches or laws. The aim is to produce at least one such report each year.
  • Continue to deliver at least one Best Practices Training Event (Best Practices Workshop) each year for all ICPEN member and non-member consumer protection enforcement agencies, aimed at operational staff.
  • Enhance the effectiveness of regular Network activities as required, such as continually improving the Best Practices Training and sharing the approaches utilised for Fraud Prevention Month.
  • Continually build on a library of reference information within the intranet site for members.


  • Best Practices Workshops Coordination (vacant)
  • Fraud Prevention Month Coordination (Working Group lead: Peru)

Enforcement Steering Group

Group lead: United States - 2010 - current

Function: To facilitate co-ordination and co-operation on consumer protection matters.


  • Identify and focus on a limited set of priority issues or thematic areas (with assistance from the intelligence stream) for regulatory action, with a particular aim to facilitate effective enforcement.
  • Undertake project-based work as required on the priority issues or thematic areas to facilitate:
    • indirect co-ordination: where agencies work on the same issue/sector within their jurisdiction. The combined effort forms the global effort stemming from ICPEN direction, and
    • direct co-operation: where agencies work on or support the same case at the same time or take action against traders whose actions are having a cross-border impact on consumers.
  • Enhance the effectiveness of regular Network activities, such as enhancing the use of results obtained from and the Internet Sweep for enforcement purposes.


  • (USA)
  • ICPEN Internet Sweep Coordination (Canada)

 Permanent Working Groups

  • Fraud Prevention Month WG is lead by Peru (2015) 
  • German Presidency 2016/2017: Advisory Working Group - Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Panama, Turkey, UK, US, Zambia