What we do?

The mandate of the Network is to share information about cross-border commercial activities that may affect consumer interests and to encourage international cooperation among law enforcement agencies in this scope. Thanks to its global reach the Network is able to better target the problems faced nowadays by consumers around the world.

The long term goals of the Network are:

a) To generate and share information and intelligence on consumer protection issues;

b) To share best practices in legislative and enforcement approaches to consumer protection;

c) To take action to combat cross-border breaches of consumer protection laws;

d) To facilitate effective cross-border remedies;

e) To identify and promote measures for effective consumer protection enforcement;

f) To promote and encourage wider participation and cooperation with other consumer protection enforcement organisations.

The Network does not deal with the regulation of financial services or product safety. An international forum involved with product safety is the International Consumer Product Safety Caucus. You can also find the latest information on dangerous products reported by the national authorities of the European Union at the European Commission’s webpage. For information on unsafe, hazardous or defective products in the US, please visit: www.recalls.gov.

ICPEN does not handle individual consumer complaints, however, consumers may report their complaints about cross-border transactions with foreign companies using a specially devised website www.econsumer.gov. The complaints are accessible to certified government agencies in ICPEN member countries, which may use this information to investigate suspect companies and individuals, uncover new scams, and spot trends in fraud. The econsumer.gov website may also help consumers who choose to resolve their disputes by means of ADR mechanisms.